Play open cards with your child.

Explain difficult topics related to health in an accessible way and build relationships built on trust.

What is little helpBOX?

Little helpBOX is an extraordinary game which will aid you in explaining difficult health situations to your preschool or school age child. Colourful illustrated cards will help you easily answer your child’s questions about a family member’s illness. The game will help you build a trust-based relationship with your child.

What's included in the little helpBOX?

>> an UNLIMITED number of stories


Thanks to Little helpBOX your child

Exceptional Situations where Little helpBOX comes in handy:

A person close to the child was taken to the hospital

A family member or other close person has died

Your child must undergo hospital treatment


Who is the Little helpBOX for?

It is a great tool for:

Do you enjoy helping others? That's great!
Purchasing Little helpBOX, will support the activities of the Krzepki Maluch Foundation.


Great pictures, well done and thought through. A good introduction to conversations with your child.
Tomek Dutkowski
Working in hospitals, I can see how much help it would be if staff and parents would use the Little helpBOX illustrations.
Ola Radosh
It's easier to get through difficult times together. Little helpBOX is a tool that helps to show support to the youngest people, who are so often aware that there has been a dramatic change in their environment, but left alone, they cannot understand the causes or consequences of the current state of affairs. Easy-to-read illustrations and Little helpBOX instructions provide ideas on how to talk to your child about difficult situations in an accessible way. The therapeutic effect of these conversations may prove to be not only what the children need, but also their caregivers.
Marta Naumiuk


What is the delivery time for the game?
We send the package with the game after receiving the payment to the account.

Who delivers my package?

The package will be delivered by Poczta Polska


What if the courier doesn’t find me?

The package will be waiting for you at the
Polish Post office for 14 days


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